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[TowerTalk] 70 ft vertical tubing for 80m

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 70 ft vertical tubing for 80m
From: Fredric_Talmanson/US/ (Fredric Talmanson/US/3Com)
Date: 15 May 97 13:02:43 EDT

i'm looking for suggestions on raising 70 ft of aluminum tubing  into the air 
for verticals on 80m.  what are others using:  telescoping tubing?  
irrigation tubing?  or what?
most needed, what method was used to get it up?

i've been using telescoping 12 ft lengths of .058" , starting at 2" dia  and 
found that abt 45 ft is the maximum i can tilt up by hand.  
if i were to push up the telescoping tubes, i would have to be 14 ft off the 
ground as 
i push each section up and out from the ones below --too high for an 8 foot 
step ladder.

for a base insulator, i have 4 ft lengths of solid plexiglass rods 1.875 inch 
which fit into the 2" dia , .058 bottom tube.

73, fred

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