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[TowerTalk] Req. for comments; Hazer

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Req. for comments; Hazer
From: (Roger A. McCarty)
Date: Sat, 17 May 1997 09:28:22 -0700
I am contemplating the purchase of a Rohn 25g tower, to be equipped with
a Hazer "elevator". Is there anyone on the reflector currently using
this array? My questions are;

1) although probably obvious, rather than assume I know the answer, I
would like to know if it is necessary to remove/reinstall guys each time
the unit is raised/lowered. and

2) Is it convenient enough in use,  to consider using the system as a
pseudo "crank-up" array?  Or is the recommendation to use it only as
intended ie, occassional raising/lowering only.

3) for Rohn users, how much additional wind load can these towers handle
(sans guys) when bracketed to the side of a house, say, at the 15 to 18'

Thanks in advance

Roger KD6CC

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