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> Al, I posted this on,misc and equip.
> Chupa Cabara
> Gentlemen,
> I have a question for anyone that may have experienced "crackling" noise
> on their VHF repeater when the wind is blowing. Here is the scenario.
> We were donated a spot on a wooden utily pole which sticks out of the
> ground (the earth here is rock with a couple inches of soil over it)
> about 85 ft. There are 4x4 wooden cross arm systems at a couple places
> on the pole. At each cross arm there are 2) 4x4's bolted through the
> pole with u-clamps at the ends. This is where the 2" pipes are clamped to
> 4x4's for the antenna mounting. All 4 UHF machines work well. No noise.
> The VHF one does not. If the wind blows, the noise gets so strong it
> kicks incoming signals right out of the repeater. We have checked all
> antenna and feedline connections. They are good. What we did find was
> that if we wiggle or touch (with metal object) any (!!!ANY!!!) metal
> parts on the 4x4 support angle irons, 6 ga lightning ground wire which
> runs from the antenna mounts to central pole wire and down, pipes,
> anything metal at all, the noise is horrendous. What we suspect is that
> due to lack of RF ground, there is a pretty decent RF voltage/current,
> whatever, flowing or present on all the metal parts up there. If every
> piece of metal was bonded together and we nail copper flashing to the
> pole to connect RF grounds to, would this get rid of the dreaded
> "cracklies"?? How can we get a decent RF ground for VHF in the earth
> on top of this mountain? Any ideas would be more than greatly
> appreciated. Thanks for your help.
> George

I think you have correctly diagnosed the problem/and a possible cure. 
What type of antenna are you using? Perhaps a decoupling skirt might 

Joe Leikhim

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