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Date: Sun, 18 May 1997 20:26:51 -0400 (EDT)
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I'm putting up a Rohn 25G tower and in the process of getting all my
hardware together, found I have several kinds of bolts.

1.  I have the bolts I bought from a local supply house for another tower.
They have a light bronze shading, (anodized??) and on the end, have 9
"hatch marks" and the numeral "67".  They were on a tower I took down and
had not rusted in 10 years.  I can get  these locally.

2.  I have a bunch of galvanized bolts (I guess - they're gray and not
shiny).  The large ones have 3 "hatch marks" on the heads and the small
ones have 4 hatch marks.  Some of them have an "R" on the head, some have
"L5".  They are fine-threaded.

3.  Shiny bolts with 3 hatch marks on the heads.  Some have "KS" on the
head.  These were represented to be original Rohn bolts.  They are
fine-threaded.  They look too shiny to be galvanized.  

Should I use any of these, or would you recommend that I get new Rohn bolts
from you?
Thanks, 73,

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