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Subject: Re[2]: [TowerTalk] Texas Towers
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Date: Wed, 21 May 97 10:52:53 EST
     I have placed 3 orders over the last 2 months.  I have had great 
     service each time.  I work with customers every day with my job.  I 
     know what is good and bad service.
     I will always try a company again if I get bad service 1 time just to 
     see if it was a bad day for some one.  I also take the time to talk to 
     management/owner when I am not happy.  We have TOO few Ham radio 
     stores left.  We need to try and help the stores do a good job, if we 
     can.  Try living over sea's and not have a ham store to use, it is the 
     I don't know why but I have had good service from them.

      Paul, WG0G/W2
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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Texas Towers
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Date:    5/21/97 12:55 AM

Bill Fisher - W4AN wrote:
> > I wonder why Texas Towers put those great advertisments and such a lousy 
> > service. Once they hang up on me after noticing my accent.
> I think it's all in who you talk to over there.  I recently received an
> email from the owner of the company (Gerald) who was very concerned about 
> a note I posted on the reflector concerning his company.  The bottom line 
> is (I believe) that he has one or two problem children over there
> answering the phone.
> Last week I placed an order with Gerald and everything went smoothly
> other than the order shipping two days after I placed it and not being 
> told.  I have been told by other friends that Neal is "the guy" to talk 
> to over there.
> Like they... It's not what you know, it's who you know. 
> 73
> Bill, W4AN
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Maybe so, Bill, but the bottom line is it's driving customers away.  I 
was given some needless petty crap over the phone when I wanted to order 
some tubing.  Not much of a purchase, but I needed to do some repairs. 
Now, it will be a 'cold day in Hates' before I buy anything there.
That is why, Bill, I try to give customer service 'above and beyond', 
cuz I hate when it's lousey.
73 de Steve, NJ4F
The DX4WIN guy
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