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[TowerTalk] choice of gin pole

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Subject: [TowerTalk] choice of gin pole
From: (Robert Neece)
Date: Wed, 21 May 1997 10:30:35 -0600

I've received several valuable comments about gin poles.
Thanks, guys!

1.      the WB0W pole received consistently high marks both for
        performance and for value.

2.      the IIX Equipment Ltd. kit (Oaklawn, IL) likewise was uniformly 
        praised for quality and value.

3.      the Antenna Mart pole received one glowing endorsement ("looks
        like it could lift an 18 wheeler") and one denunciation ("hooks
        onto the cross braces rather than the tower legs; welds don't
        look especially good").  No comment on dollar value was received.

        Looks as though more research is needed on this one.
4.      the Rohn pole was uniformly denounced as overpriced for what one
        gets.  It was described as OK for lifting tower sections, but
        not recommended for heavier or longer items.  Evidently,
        one needs a different Rohn pole for, say, 25G and 55G, 
        whereas the WB0W pole, for example, is said to be fine with 25, 
        45, and 55. 
73 de Bob, K0KR                                 

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