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[TowerTalk] choice of gin pole

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Subject: [TowerTalk] choice of gin pole
From: (Robert Neece)
Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 12:14:56 -0600

I have received another stack of comments on gin poles, plus
an even bigger stack of requests for information.  As a seeker of
information myself at this stage, I am afraid I have no way to
satisfy some of the requests.  But I will tell what I know.

My e-mail on this subject falls into two categories:  (1) further
comment on the respective merits of the various designs, and (2)
requests for addresses and telephone numbers of suppliers, and 
pricing information.

Some interesting comments on the merits:

1.      More guys have praised the WB0W product.  There was,
        however, one negative comment.  Evidently, the WB0W
        design requires a counterclockwise rotation of the
        locking knobs to tighten the pole bracket to the tower
        leg, and to position the pole within the bracket.  One
        user found this to be a constant annoyance, given that it
        is conventional for a counterclockwise rotation to 
        *loosen* rather than *tighten* a knob.

        He liked the Rohn poles because their loosening-tightening
        process follows the normal rotation.  But he admitted that
        the EF2545 (for 25G and 45G) is not very hefty in construction.

2.      As to the Antenna Mart pole, I received the following:

>Hi Bob, didn't see your previous request for info but let me pass on my
>experience here. I have had an Antenna Mart Gin Pole for several years
>now. I really like the way it works.
>First of all you don't have to worry about the pole resting on the tower
>rungs, if the tower rungs hold a 250lb plus person moving up and down,
>it will hold the gin pole which uses two brackets on two different tower
>I use mine on both Rohn 25 and 45. The part I like is the ease of moving
>the pole up and down the tower, using the tower rungs to rest it on as I
>go up and down.
>It's built very well, welds are no problem. I think the dollar value is
>there. I don't have any interest in Antenna Mart, merely a satisfied
>customer of their Gin Pole and an Antenna.

        I've thought about this just a bit.  Perhaps the rungs
are strong enough to support the *vertical* weight involved.
Sometimes, though, I use a gin pole for horizontal (or nearly
horizontal) loads, such as with a trolley system for elevating
yagis.  I am particularly reticent to apply force to Rohn
cross braces in a horizontal vector, even if the braces could
safely support a dead vertical lift.  Just a thought.

Now some info on addresses, pricing, and the like:

1.      IIX Equipment Ltd.
        P.O. Box 9
        Oak Lawn, Il  60454
        Fax (708)423-1691

        $189.95 for a kit that includes gin pole head
        and mounting bracket only.  (pole itself is 
        not supplied)

2.      WB0W, Inc.
        1210 Midyett Road
        Saint Joseph, MO  64506-2407
        Fax (816)364-2619       

TNX AGN guys for all the valuable info.

73 de Bob, K0KR

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