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Date: Sun, 25 May 1997 02:33:15 -0400 (EDT)
In a message dated 97-05-24 20:13:07 EDT, (William R
Liporace) writes:

> I am looking to install a freestanding tower.  I do know that I want to be
>  in the 70 - 80" range and I do not care about climbing one. 

      You need a crank-up; they'll go up to 70 - 80 feet and you can work on
it when it's nested and locked down.

      Your other choices are Rohn SSV/RTP (commercial grade tower but very
nice) and an aluminum tower (has its limitations). But you'd either have to
climb them or have someone do your tower work.     

>  The install will more than likely have a TH6DXX and a 40-2CD on it.  I
>  would be interested in having a second TH6 @ 50' (good/bad??) and a couple
>  of wires for the low bands (slopers or inverted L's)

      Your approximately 15 sq.ft. of antenna head load is easily handled by
some of the crank-ups on the market. BTW Albany County is only a 70 MPH wind
zone so no big deal wind-wise. Some guys even have the TIC RingRotator for
side-mounting on crank-ups so you could have another antenna lower on the

73,  Steve  K7LXCC

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