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Subject: [TowerTalk] Decisions, decisions
From: (JC Smith) (JC Smith)
Date: Sat, 24 May 1997 23:42:09 GMT
Mike asks:

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I just moved to southern Louisiana. I am on about 1 acre of land. All
around the property are tall trees( in the 100ft range). My question is
this- would I be wasting time, energy, and money puting up say a 40ft
tower and beam. Would a multi-band vertical and dipoles be better. Any
input will be appreciated.

Mike, W5UKF
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Hi Mike,

You didn't say what kind of beam or get very specific about the dipoles but
I'll still try to give you my $.02 worth.  Generally, any beam will be better
than a dipole, but in your case if you could get multiple wires up at 100' and
switch them for directional control it may not be better by much.  You can also
put up some wire beams in select directions.  There are wire Yagis and all
sorts of other directional wire antennas, some with more gain than a typical
aluminum Yagi (but difficult to rotate).

If you don't want wires all over the place then go for the conventional beam
(but could you get just a little taller tower?) but by all means use those
trees for something in the way of a low band antenna.  Sounds like you could
put up a great loop or square of some sort.  Also, be sure to check out the Box
antenna in the January and June issues of CQ, and get a catalog from Radio
Works ( or e-mail for some good
ideas on wire antennas.

Also depends on what you like to do.  I'd give almost anything for a bunch of
100' trees all around my property, but I like to build antennas and string up
wires as much as I do operate them.  Unfortunately, I have zero tall trees.

I'm sure you'll get some other opinions, but I think everyone will agree that
time, effort and bucks spent on first calss antennas is time, effort and money
well spent.

Have fun.

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