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[TowerTalk] Two towers-7 bands-best config

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Two towers-7 bands-best config
From: (Bill Jenkins)
Date: Sun, 25 May 1997 21:15:21 -0700
OK another one of those what do you think questions..Here is my problem.
I have two towers. I need to put the following antennas on them.

        Hygain 204BA
        Hygain 155BA            
        Hygain 105BA
        Hygain DB-1217  (dual bander for 12/17 meters)

What would you think would be the best configuration? I am inclined to
place 40/20 on one with 12 foot  separation and the rest on the second
tower on a mast 16 foot out of the tower.

As usual I solicit all your thoughts and past experiences. The
tri-banders are going to storage.

73 Bill W6JEX

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