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[TowerTalk] The Old Concord Battle:

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Subject: [TowerTalk] The Old Concord Battle:
From: (JC Smith) (JC Smith)
Date: Tue, 27 May 1997 21:22:51 GMT
>>FIGHT IT.........well worth the effort, things like this tend to set
>>precendence for others.  Find a good ham lawyer through the ARRL.  I know
>>it's alot to go through, and others may comment on this, but YOU own the
>>property and have the RIGHT to put up what you want.  I'm not rich, but if
>>they did this to me, i'd follow them to the end of the earth.  Why make do
>>Flame away.
>No flames from this quarter, Scott.  I agree!  I think I will suggest to
>the Reflectorites that we take up a "War Fund" collection and send to him
>to help support his legal bills, should he decide to fight it in court...
>which I sincerely hope he does.  I'll send my contribution to him direct.
>73, Rod  W5HVV

Absolutely.  It's war time in Concord.  Joe may not have the best case to fight
it out over, however.  He only wants a small (very small) tower.  The last
application that was turned down was for a 24' free standing tower.  We need to
apply for a 72' + tower and fight that one.  Then everyone with equal or more
modest aspirations will benefit.  There are approximately 400 hams in Concord.

Joe is pretty depressed right now, but I think he will be back.  In any event,
there will soon be a war chest fund established to put this flagrant violation
of individual rights (not to mention PRB-1) where it belongs.  The Concord
planning commission will be begging us to put up 24' towers before this is
over.  They made a big mistake by being so unreasonable.

Stay tuned...

"I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore."
(and I don't even live in Concord)

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