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[TowerTalk] "Reddi-Match" question...

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Subject: [TowerTalk] "Reddi-Match" question...
From: (Daniel Wright)
Date: Wed, 28 May 97 07:32:05 CDT

This is my first post to this most interesting list..(;->!!

I recently purchased and installed a Cushcraft TEN-3. It is
a 3 element ten meter beam. Whilst screwing around with it,
the "reddi-match" ended up way off from the manufacturer's
demensions. I think it MAY be mis-adjusted now. My question
is; will a mis-adjusted reddi(gamma?)-match affect front to
back ratio and directionality of the beam? It's been real 
hard to determine this stuff operationally because ten meters
has been only occasionally open with Es. However this beam
SEEMS to have less directionality (gain?) than the 3 element
six meter beam mounted above it. Any insights? Hopefully I
have made some sense to someone here. Thanks a bunch es

73 de Dan -- WA0JRD ..

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