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[TowerTalk] Opinions on U.S. Towers Tubulars

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Opinions on U.S. Towers Tubulars
From: (JC Smith) (JC Smith)
Date: Wed, 28 May 1997 08:57:35 GMT

In your reply to Dick you say that a crank up tower can make the permit process
more difficult.  I'm wondering why?  In my community they are looked on as no
different than a fixed tower at their maximum height, but in some areas I know
they make it easier to put up a larger tower (with the restriction that they be
retracted when not in use).  We have a neighboring community that almost
REQUIRES crank ups.  They have a 30' height restriction for the tower when it's
not in use, but no restriction on the maximum extended height when it is in
use.  (One guy put a packet cluster antenna on top of his HF Yagis.  It's "in
use" 24 hours every day.)

Just curious.

73 - JC,

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