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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tailtwister Rotator Wiring
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Date: Wed, 28 May 1997 13:50:11 -0400 (EDT)
It sounds like a Ham II or III. they hgad the 2 tone control box.
The T2X rotor case has 6 - 5/16" bolts holding the two halves together, where
the Ham II, III, IV only have 4- machine screws. 
Be careful when connecting the wires. If you connect the motor wires to the
potentiameter by mistake you will burn it up.
The motor windings across 1/2 the motor should read 2.5 ohms plus the cable.
The brake solenoid reads .75 ohms plus cable.
The entire pot is 500 ohms plus cable and across each end to the pot arm
should add up to 500. The left and right limit switch are 0 ohms plus cable,
unless the is to one end of rotation, and that would read open.
Usually the 2 heavier wires out of the eight are for terminals 1 and 2. 1 is
ground and 2 is the solenoid for the brake release.
Hope this helps. 
Skip, KJ6Y
Communications Service Co.

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