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[TowerTalk] Noalox separating?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Noalox separating?
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Date: Wed, 28 May 1997 11:28:17 -0700
 Good morning, Steve.

Yes, it is not uncommon to have Noalox (or other similar compounds) in this 
condition. As you know, Force 12 uses large quantities of this anti-oxidant 
and it does happen occasionally. We purchase from a large distributor and 
the stock is always fresh - none of the bottles are dusty!

I usually notice it when I am in the field and grab a bottle from one of my 
tubs. My best guess is that it probably got quite hot in the tub, which is 
usually in the big truck, which is usually in the sun because it is too big 
for the garage. I shake up the bottle and then it seems to be all right.

Force 12 also supplies a brush with each antenna to go along with the packet 
of anti-oxidant. The packets are always OK. I also carry some of those 
brushes in the field in case I want to stir it up on a cooler day. Besides, 
it is much nicer to apply it with a brush.

Have a good day and 73,
                        Tom, N6BT
                        Force 12 Antennas and Systems
                        (Home Page )

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