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Subject: [TowerTalk] Manufacturer/Dealer Service
From: (hamradio)
Date: Sun, 01 Jun 1997 09:37:35 -0700
One of the things we have all seen since getting on the Internet is
the vastly improved communication within the ham (or any other, for that
matter) community.  I am referring to how quickly the word gets out when
there are problems, either with a new product or a service.  
     If it weren't for the Internet, how many of us would even know the
real extent of equipment problems?  Or which
manufacturer's or dealers are giving truly good or bad service?  We
would probably chalk our experiences up to our own good luck/bad luck,
and take their word for it that OUR problem is one-of-a-kind, or that we
should just live with it like everybody else, etc. 
     I suspect that this list, as well as our other similar Internet
forums, will have a tremendous impact in improving the products and
services we use as time goes by.
     The manufacturers and dealers will learn (many have or didn't need
to, some are still running a little late) that the days of fooling their
customers are over, and that when they go into business or offer a
product it had better be READY, and that they are prepared to stand
behind it, unless they want immediate, massive negative publicity (or
else they will soon be OUT of business).
     When talking to customer support and sales people I make a point of
casually mentioning INTERNET (and/or sometimes specific lists, etc.) in
one way or another as my way of letting them know that my experience
with their company is subject to worldwide publication.

de Randy, W7HR  <>

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