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[TowerTalk] Re: [DX] 9N1 antenna for K4VUD

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: [DX] 9N1 antenna for K4VUD
From: (Ned Flanders)
Date: Sun, 01 Jun 1997 11:13:44 -0700
> Does anyone have any advice for wire antenna for my operation beginning
> July 8, 1997 for 20 days as 9N1VUD in Kathmandu, Nepal?  I plan to use
> 14.195 plus or minus and 14.226.5 around 1300 Z.  What other one band
> should I choose?  Likely will have access to hotel roof for 
> antennas.

Nepal is an extremely rare country here in the states for CW 
operators. Most operations have been SSB only, including the very 
active (late) 9N1MM who I never once heard on the air. JA operations 
also come and go from Nepal without being heard by anybody here. I 
suggest a two element wire beam designed for 14.025 and beamed due 
north. The easiest way to erect one is to sling a support wire due 
north and south that will hold up the apexes of two inverted vees. 
The first one is the driven element, and the second is a reflector. 
Tie the ends of the elements down wherever you can (trees, stakes in 
the ground, etc.) Here are your dimensions as designed by K6STI's
AO program:

Element Spacing: 15' 11"
Driven Element (per side) 17' 0"
Reflector (per side) 17' 6"
Design Freq: 14.025 (where 9N is especially rare)

Get it up as high as you can for polar work. The antenna has plenty 
of gain for two simple wires. I have used two element inverted vees 
on 40 with good success, and they were an important factor in two 
consecutive 1st place finishes at Field Day (1995 & 96) in 2A. They 
should work well on 20, which is your best window stateside from 9N.

Roy - AD5Q

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