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Subject: [TowerTalk] Guy stakes
From: (Chris R. Burger)
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 1997 09:53:25 +200
KO4O wrote:
>  Just for the sake of discussion, what if you took a 12 foot piece 
> of 4" pipe,  buried it 4 foot in Cement and then guyed to the top 
> of the pipe, you would still have basically the same angle.
>  I have basically the same situation to contend with, that is my reason
> for asking, I need the info, do we also have the strength if we have
> the same angle as before?
As far as the guy line and the tower are concerned, yes.

As far as the concrete and the stake are concerned, no.  I cannot 
comment on the strength of a 4" water pipe.

The tension in the guy lines will tend to overturn the guy.  In other 
words, the concrete block will fall over (which will probably involve 
it being pulled out of the ground.

I am also faced with a similar problem, and have decided on the 
following solution:

          /I stake
  stay  /  I
      /    I
    /      I
  +++    ++++++
  li'l   ++++++
  block  ++++++
          big block
Obviously, this picture will only make sense if you're not using one 
of those new-fangled proportional fonts.  DOS rules!

The stay is supported on the little concrete block.  If the guy tries 
to overturn the stake, the rigid stay prevents this.  Back-guying 
would serve the same purpose, but if there was room for back-guying, 
this arrangement would not have been necessary in the first place!

Get someone who understands overturning moments to calculate the 
position of the little concrete block and the strength of the stay.

One final comment:  To maintain the same guy angle, you will 
obviously have to attach different guys (i.e. from different levels 
on the tower) at different heights on the stake.  

Chris R. Burger


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