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Subject: [TowerTalk] Meters
From: "" (Edward W. Sleight)
Date: Tue, 03 Jun 1997 04:09:01 -0700
OK, let me try this one more time. In his show, when asked how old he
was ( and it was a recurring theme ) Jack Benny always said 39 although
he was obviously much older. So, for the first 2 digits, we get 39
Substracting 2 from 39 I remember a meter as 39.37 inches
which is .07" ( or about 1/14 + " ) shorter than the actual 39.3707"

All of which adds up to the fact you would have to go about 15 meters
(or 49.2125 feet ) before you would reach an error of 1"

It's just a memory association ole ones need all the help
we can get...

OK, What is the highest mountain in Japan, and how high is it.

Well, you have to look up the first answer, but it is 12000 ( 12 months
in a year )+ 365 (days in a year) feet high (12,365).

Please allow me to escape from this thread.



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