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From: "" (Edward W. Sleight)
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 1997 03:26:16 -0700
Just a little addendum...the prop pitches also came out of just about
every engine that GE or Pratt & Whitney ever built, not just from the
WW2 era. All the DC series up to the DC7, the Old Constallations, just
about any military recip built up until right now, and of course, the
civilian versions of any multi-engine aircraft. US FARs require that
a "means be available to rotate the propeller to a 90 degree position
in the event that engine fails."  Don't take that as an exact quote..

The stress we put on WW2 prop pitches from the B-29, 26, 17 group is
about the equivelent of trying to kill a dinosaur with a tennis 

And by the way, the prop pitch motors were an intergral part of the
propeller system, not the engine, so the same engine could be used on
a single engine aircraft or multi-engine.

It was also used to set the RPM of the engine, so it's use was not
just restricted to feathering it.



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