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Date: Wed, 4 Jun 1997 10:07:12 -0400 (EDT)
    Can anyone out there help Phil out?

73,  Steve   K7LXC
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Date: 97-06-04 03:57:07 EDT wrote:

> TOWER TECH has prop pitches for $595.00. With the
> prop pitch, you'll need a power supply

Steve... I'm in process of rebuilding a small prop-pitch.
My unit has a modified "bell" gear for increased
rotation speed (at the cost of reduced braking torque!).

I'd like to replace my bell gear with an unmodified one.
Do you know of any small prop-pitchs that have been
junked or parted-out that might have an uncut bell
gear for sale/trade??

73 de Phil NA4M

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