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[TowerTalk] Crank-up info please...

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Crank-up info please...
From: (Steve Weisbrod)
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 97 10:02:00 -0600
This is interesting in that when I decided to buy the Glen Martin Eng   
tower I saw that AES had it in their cat. But I coundn't see why I should   
buy it from them since Glen Martin had the same price and AES states it   
will be drop shipped from Glen Martin. I ordered from Glen Martin put it   
on my credit card and the tower arrived 10days later. I don't understand   
why AES would even carry these kind of items and why anybody would buy   
through them. Maybe someone else has some insite I don't see.

73 Steve W8GAZ

From:  Steve Massey
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> Subject: [TowerTalk] Crank-up info please...
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> Date: Tuesday, June 03, 1997 12:21 PM
 I recieved my US Tower model HDX-589MDP yesterday. 89 foot and   
It is very well built (I was a certified welder for 7 years). I ordered
from US because of price and they promised a delivery date of 4 months,
altho Tri-ex was $2000.00 more for there 86 footer, they promised   
in 2 months. US Tower took 6 months to deliever! I got nothing but LIES
from US Towers! Finally while talking to Bruce from US Towers, I   
to him this wouldnt look real good if i was to post this via the   
and when he saw i was fit to be tied, and ready to cancel the order did   
deliever!!!! He knew He had me by the b****  because the base was sitting
in the ground for four months. The base is another story, It took two
months to get here,they promised it in 30 days....If I had to do it over
again I might buy a Tri-ex. I would not have ordered it through AES, I
would have greased Bruce palm, payed him CASH, He doesnt recieve any   
from AES till he delievers...So who do you think gets there towers first?
The guy that pays CASH! I own three companies, I would be out of biz if I
ran my companies like this....Anyways you wanted some feed back, thats my   
cents.....The good news is I should be tearing down my fence tomorrow to
get the tower in the back yard and should have my first antenna (FORCE   
on 7 mhz, who i had no problems with in ordering and delievery) up by the
end of the week at 110 foot! And then work down from there :)  Thats the
best i can do on my city lot!

 GL / 73, Steve N6TT
Manhattan Beach,CA.

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