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Subject: [TowerTalk] 9N1
From: (Fatchett, Mike)
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 1997 10:46:25 -0600
I agree that he can do it anyway he wants.  I think those of us that
have been to DX locations owe him a description of what worked best for

What is the goal of the DX-Pedition?  Just want to ragchew or work as
many stations as possible?  If you want to work as many people as
possible I would try to match your operation style to that of successful
DX-Peditions like VK0IR and others.  

The pileups you will hear will probably blow you away if this is your
first trip outside the US.  Stay in control.  Be consistent.  If you ask
for 5's work only fives.  If you ask for US only then only work US.  Try
working non US stations outside of the US phone bands.  Some of my
biggest battles have been with European pileups.  They seem to call and
call and call even after you go back to G0XYZ.

Give you callsign frequently!  I like to give it at least every 2 QSO's
if not every QSO.  

Try to work split on CW up 1 or 2 will help you out a bunch.  Doing this
will move the pile off your transmit frequency so everyone can hear when
you come back to a station.  Unless you have a huge pile on Phone this
may not work as well.  

The main thing is have fun!  I think you will quickly find out what
works best for you.

73 & GL

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>Subject:       [TowerTalk] 9N1
>Charles...I forwarded your message to the DX Reflector.  I've got 338
>confirmed (top of the Honor Roll until P5 came along) and have put a lot of
>rare island countries on the air.
>As K7KXC advised you, and I agree, it's your dxpedition, work the pack any
>damn way you want, and if someone doesn't like it (and some won't) they can
>buy a ticket to Nepal and do it his way.
>Good Luck and very 73
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