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Subject: [TowerTalk] Guys & Towers
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 97 13:47:49
     All things being equal, a truly guyed tower (i.e. conductive and 
     uninsulated) will have a voltage gradient between top and bottom 
     of approximately 1/3rd that of a tower which is either 
     freestanding or the guys are nonconductive or have insulators in 
     them. Note that the TOTAL current will be the same in both cases 
     as lightning is a constant current generator. But what you are 
     achieving with the guys is current sharing (parallel paths). 
     Since Vd=L (di/dt), the Vd associated with the tower will be less 
     because the di is less down the tower.
     BTW, 2 or 3 ground rods at the base of the tower is insufficient 
     as a good lightning ground. The scenario in the first paragraph 
     also assumes a proper lightning ground is employed where the guys 
     are anchored. We are, nevertheless, comparing apples to apples 
     based upon the scenario you presented.
     Several years ago, the myth that uninsulated conductive guys 
     would affect the beam pattern was dispelled in a QST article.
     Hope this helps!
     Sincerely & 73,
     Bob Wanderer (AA0CY)
     Senior Applications Engineer
     PolyPhaser Corp.

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