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[TowerTalk] Phillystran vs EHS Summary

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Phillystran vs EHS Summary
From: (Barry Kutner)
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 1997 01:12:36 +0000
On  4 Jun 97, Bob Wruble <> wrote:

> last time i checked Texas Tower the only can buy
> it direct from phillystran but that want to sell u a distributors quanity
> on ur initial order $10-15k worth!!   neat stuff bur really hard to justify
> at current pricing.....they need competition and then watch the pricing.
 About 7 years ago, when I was installing my tower, I called 
the Phillystran people, located only about 20 miles from me. I said 
"can't I just stop by to pick up a few hundred feet?" The answer was 
NO. Always seemed odd to me that Phillystran is always at Dayton, in 
the main arena, but only has one distributor.  I wound up buying from 
RF Enterprises (in MN, I think). Also got all my antennas and Rohn 
tower from them, after getting the RUDE routine from Texas Towers 
(some things never change). Wonder what happened to RF Enterprises... 
out of business, I guess.

Here in FRC land, we have put together bulk purchases of assorted 
gear from time to time via the packet cluster, and saved a few bucks 
with the quantity order. Maybe some enterprising fellow(s) wants to 
try to do it for Phillystran. (Sri, I don't need any now). Steve... 
Wouldn't you like to say "Phillystran - available from Towertalk, 
send SASE for info" :.)

73 Barry
P.S. Bob - In the future, pse delete all but the essential part of 
what you are quoting. There really wasn't a need to include the 
several hundred lines of text from Richard's summary following your 
two paragraphs.
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