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Date: Wed, 4 Jun 1997 22:52:58, -0500
Hi Tom,
Thanks for writing.....
A little history....
I have a Rohn tower on my roof.
In the last storm of the winter a mast U-bolt snapped on the TA-33 
and with great difficulty I got it down and secured on the roof.
I had heard great things about FORCE 12 antennas, so I figured as 
long as the the Mosley was down, why not look at a better antenna.....
I knew next to nothing about your antennas and because of the roof 
mount I have self imposed restrictions on antenna size.
I visited your WEB site, but at that time it was not complete. I 
needed to know how big the antenna was (was the wind load and weight 
more or less than the TA-33?) and what was the difference between the 
C3 and C3s?.....were they 2el or 3el..etc..
This information was not on the WEB site. I also wanted to run the 
dimensions thru YAGIMAX. 
I liked what I saw on the WEB site, but I needed more info....
I asked for brochures thru the WEB site, twice, called and even E-
mailed you on the Tower talk reflector..
The TA-33 was laying on my G5RV and the next week my daughter cut the 
coax to the vertical with the lawn mower...I'm off the air !!!!
Time was of the essence!!!!
Mosley sent a boom to mast mount and other parts in a few days...(BTW 
the mechanical failure was my fault not theirs)

I like your antennas...they are the first new triband designs in 30 
I worked the first 280 of my 315 countries on a 2el Hy-gain...the 3 
el Mosley is only marginally better and the F/B F/S is worse than the 
2el .. but it is broad banded and well made....
I passed the extra brochures on with high recommendations...
I have been in the financial services industry for 25 years..from 
small shops to a Fortune 1000 company, as far as customer service 
been there, done that....still doing that ...
I wish you the best of luck ..and FORCE 12 is on the top of my list 
for a replacement antenna 
73, Jim WB2TPS

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