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[TowerTalk] Need Opinions on Tri-Ex

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Need Opinions on Tri-Ex
From: ("Dick Green".)
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 1997 23:57:41 -0400
Well, I'm back. Last we met, I asked for opinions on U.S. Towers tubulars.
Now I'd like to get similar info on Tri-Ex. This has been prompted by
several people telling me that U.S. Towers is not a helpful company and
that delivery lead times were *much* longer than promised (possibly, the
dealers were at fault.)

Also, the feedback on the U.S. Towers tubulars gave me some concern, mostly
because the windload ratings are only for 50 MPH (I live in a 70 MPH zone)
and some said that the towers sway excessively (even the 40' model.)

Now, I'm reconsidering the possibility of getting a triangular crankup. My
choices are limited by the fact that I want a high-quality,
self-supporting, motorized, remote controlled, tilt-over crankup. So far,
the only companies I've found that make such products are U.S. Towers and
Tri-Ex. Aluma has some interesting towers, but they are not-self supporting
and don't appear to have remote control. I'm not aware of any other
manufacturers that meet the requirements (as I recall, the Hy-Gain crankup
does not have a motorized option -- please correct me if this is wrong.)

I need some opinions about Tri-Ex Towers. I called them and they seemed
very friendly. They have a 72' motorized triangular crankup rated for 15
sq. ft. at 70 MPH, and delivery lead time is about a month. They also have
custom tubulars for very large dollars.

Can anyone out there give me opinions on Tri-Ex products, especially the
72' motorized crankup? Can you compare it with the U.S. Towers triangular
crankup? If anyone has experience with Tri-Ex tubulars, I'd love to hear
about them, too. How is Tri-Ex to deal with?

While we're on the subject, can I squeeze a KT34-XA and a small 40 meter
beam or rotating dipole on a standard (not heavy duty) triangular crankup?
What kind of vertical spacing do I need? Any suggestions for the 40M

Thanks for any info.

73, Dick, WC1M

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