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Subject: [TowerTalk] Quads
From: (Frank T. Brady)
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 1997 06:20:52 -0700
 Ray Turner in Norco CA (WA6QXH) believes that another point in the quads
favor is that their multiband configurations are more effective.  Has that
been your experience?  Just curious. Ray also advised me to use a 30 foot
boom rather than 24 for my 2el 40 + 4el 20 quad.

 The differences between the weight of the two quads I've been considering
is sure interesting - the more expensive one (CUBEX) has a 6 foot longer
boom and yet is 165 pounds lighter for the above configuration.  That must
translate to one heck of lot lighter materials throughout.

 Deciding between CUBEX and ANTENNA MART is tough because, on the one hand,
the MART version is $500 cheaper and built tougher (or at least a heck of a
lot heavier) but on a 24ft boom.  The CUBEX version, being 165 pounds
lighter with 6 sq ft less wind load looks like it would save on tower cost
and maybe even on the rotator as well.  e.g., TRI-EX has a fairly attractive
priced 55 ft tower whose dead weight limit is 250 pounds and they advise me
NOT to exceed it by using a 275 lb antenna.  The cheapest TRI-EX rated for
275 pounds is a GIANT leap in cost.

 I'm beginning to wonder if the less rugged, lighter CUBEX quad isn't the
best choice for areas like here in So. CA where ICING isn't a factor.

 I hope it's ok to wonder aloud 'on the reflector' like this - I feel I must
take advantage of all of the experience out there if I'm going to make the
best choice here. 

Best Regards & 73s,
 Frank T. Brady - W0ECS

                      QUOTE FROM MAX GAIN:

Dear Mr. Brady:

Per your phone request, quotes are as follows:

2 element 40 meters, 4 element 20 meters, 3" OD boom, 24 ft long,
Wt. 275 lbs., turn radius 21 ft, wind load 26 sq ft.
20m gain 9.8 Dbd (over a DIPOLE, not isotropic!) F/B 25 Db
40m gain 6.2 Dbd, F/B 15 Db
List price $1480, less 15% discount = $1258. net

4 elements on 40m, 6 elements on 20m, 4" OD x 48 ft. boom!
wt. 440 lbs., t/radius 35 ft., wind load 45 sq ft.
20m gain 13.2 Dbd (!!) F/B 30 Db
40m gain 9.8 Dbd, F/B 25 Db
List $2895, less 15% discount = $2460.75 net

Construction of these antennas is truly OUTSTANDING. Highly engineered
to survive and stay up. 

If you haven't done so, visit:


We look forward to your order!

Allen Bond,  WB4GNT
Max-Gain Systems, Inc.

                   QUOTE FROM CUBEX:

Hello Frank:
The antennas that you are interested in are priced as follows.

2 element 40 and 4 element 20 meter on a 3" X 30' boom is $1724.95.  This
antenna has 10 Dbd gain on 20 meters and 6 Dbd gain on 40 meters. 
Weight is 110 lbs. wind load is 20 sq ft. F/B is 17 Db on 40 and 25 Db
on 20 meters.  Delivery time is 2 weeks.  If you want 3 elements on 40
meters add $480.00 to the above price.  We do not build a 6-element 20
meter or a 4-element 40 meter.
If you have an out of state address we may be able to work around the
sales tax.
I hope I have answered your questions.
"73" Ed KN6CL

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