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[TowerTalk] Source for "Flex Weave" wire

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Source for "Flex Weave" wire
From: (Larry Lindblom-wa0etc)
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 1997 09:14:49 -0700
Charles H. Harpole wrote:
> Who sells "Flex weave" antenna wire???  Any users out there with reactions
> on its use in dipoles???  de K4VUD
> --
I used this for the original antennas for my 80 meter lazey V phased
array.  I made a mistake by soldering it at the baluns-as it flexed the
tiny strands of wire broke at the solder joint one at a time until the
antennas crashed to earth.  Also the tiny strands make nasty splinters
that are difficult to get out of your fingers.  I replaced the flexi
weave with 7 strand hard drawen copper and those are still up.  Just my
2.5 cents (allowing for inflation).

73 Larry Lindblom

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