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[TowerTalk] thimble gap too narrow

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Subject: [TowerTalk] thimble gap too narrow
From: (Pete Soper)
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 1997 19:16:09 -0400
        Thanks very much for all the suggestions. Some were close enough to
instantaneous to be astonishing.
        Two things. I should have said I was looking for a way to spread 
the thimble without knocking the galvanizing off, but the suggestion of
hammering a chisel into the gap is appealing (tho pulling it out isn't <g>).
Also, when I said these thimbles are stiff, I wasn't kidding. Arnold S. might 
bend them out by hand with pliers and/or MONSTER screwdriver, but not me. 
These are not the wussy sheet metal thimbles you see at Home Depot :-)
Anyway, I'm going to pull them apart with a comealong. I just thought that
was a pretty gross way to make up for this (pain in the butt) detail of my
tower project. 
        Also, I got my thimbles mixed up last night and none from Hill Radio 
had the "too narrow" problem. The Hill "3/8TH" thimble is much lighter 
construction (tho heavier than Home Depot) but the ends are almost parallel, 
so no problem with getting them over a turnbuckle eye.


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