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Subject: [TowerTalk] Twr installations
From: kn6di@IDT.NET (Daniel H. Arney Jr.)
Date: Sat, 07 Jun 1997 03:03:59 -0700
Frank T. Brady wrote:
> I'm adding a question to the previous query (I hope the lack of response
> wasn't because the question was too dumb <g>).
> Q1).
> Is it possible/advisable to construct a tower footing in such a way that
> some sort of 'adapter' plate can make the footing conform to whichever tower
> I choose?  In other words, I want to put the digging and concrete work into
> the construction portion of the loan if possible.  This gives me some more
> time to hunt for a used LM470 or equivalent.
> Q2).
> I just had a conversation with the contractor who is doing the site
> preparation (utilities, etc) for the vacant property we're developing for
> our new home/ham site.  When I suggested that I would like to have him do
> the digging and concrete for the tower footing, he asked if I wanted any
> 'copper sheathing' in the hole the way he was instructed to do it for
> another tower he installed.
> Is this something to consider?  I don't know whether it was done to get a
> great RF ground or for lightning protection (or both).  If there is a
> worthwhile electrical procedure that can be done in the tower footing, I
> sure want to learn more about it before the installation.
> Best 73s,
>  Frank - W0ECS
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For the base I would get a LM470 base from TRI-EX about $300.00 and put
it in the ground with the concrete about 6 to 8" above ground. If you
get a 470 you are on your way. If another type then get a 3/8 or 1/2"
plate the size of the concrete base, weld tangs on the bottom to match.
Then cut holes in the plate to match the tower legs use same thickness
plate on the tower drill to match and let rest of plate legs go through
the base plate to the hieght of the old 470 tangs. Line up the legs as 2
over one and one in between the 2 legs. set the base PLUMB the close in
the area between the two bases and dry pack with concrete. You now have
a subbase on the base. Thats the way I did my LM470. Gone thru 3 Santa
Ana seasons and a earthquake with lots of aftershocks.
Hank KN6DI

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