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[TowerTalk] thimble gap too narrow

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Subject: [TowerTalk] thimble gap too narrow
From: (Steve Zettel)
Date: Sat, 7 Jun 1997 17:05:27 -0700

Now that you have opened up all your thimbles, may I suggest an
alternative: I use a shackle to bridge the turnbuckle and the thimble in
the end of my guywires.


1. No need to open the end gap in thimbles.

2. Allows easy detachment of guywires at the ground level to raise/lower
antennas, replace guys in the event of damage, etc.


1. Additional cost for the shackles (though minor when compared to other
components. Also, cost can be minimized by shopping at a professional
rigging shop instead of ham radio outlets).

2. Potential failure point (unlikely, with properly sized shackles; bent
and rebent thimbles are probably more likely to fail).

3. Potential vandalism point (lockwire and/or peen a thread or two on the
screw -in pin of the shackle. Evaluate your vunerability to vandalism in
the first place -- a set of bolt cutters in the hands of a hooligan is
quicker than unscrewing several shackle pins).

For what it's worth. . .


Steve Zettel  KJ7CH
Libby, MT (Where the "Code of the West" still applies to tower vandals)

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