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[TowerTalk] Commercial FM Station Interference

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Commercial FM Station Interference
From: (Ken Anderson)
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 1997 16:32:05 -0700
Is there a station engineer or otherwise knowledgeable person
on FCC standards for location of Commercial FM stations.

The local situation is a properly licensed FM station is trying
to get it's antenna permit past the County Board of Supervisors.
The current site, in accordance with FCC license, is on a 5 acre
zoned residential (5 acre minimum).  Initial test resulted in a flood
of TVI complaints to the local planning commission and a rejection
of the land use permit request.  This rejection has been appealed
to the Board of Supervisors for a hearing tomorrow, 10 June.

The hams in this county have a very good reputation with the 
Supervisors and I'm concerned about any land use ruling based
upon neighbors perceived or actual TVI.

The station in question is a Class A at 107.5 MHz (second harmonic is
in Ch13 the local CBS affiliate!) running 6KW to an Omni antenna at 
60 feet above local terrain.  Is this a normal situation for such stations?

I've searched the FCC web sites and can't find any guidelines on 
locating such antennas/stations within residential areas.

Any wisdom would be appreciated to the address below.

Ken, K6PU

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