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Subject: [TowerTalk] Big soldering irons
From: (JC Smith) (JC Smith)
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 1997 07:33:09 GMT
KE5FI writes:

==== snip ====
You might consider the BT-100 torch from "Solder-It Company"  in
Cleveland, OH

It has push button ignition (no matches in the wind!) and is easy to
use.  They also sell silver bearing solder paste (SP-7) in a syringe
that melts at a lower temp than regular solder and is easy to use.

Solder-It Company
PO Box 20100
Cleveland, OH  44120
(216) 791-4600

This might sound like an ad, but I have no connection with the co.  I
just saw a demo of the torch at the Arlington, TX Hamcom last weekend
and bought one for myself.  Its really neat!

Chuck, KE5FI
==== snip ====

I also purchased a Solder-It setup at a hamfest.  The demo is impressive, and
the Solder-It folks are real nice, but when I got it home and started using it
I was rather disappointed.  I ended up going back to my old 250 Watt, dual
headlamp Weller and regular Kester resin core solder.  Now all the Solder-it
does is shrink heat shrink tubing (which it does a good job of if you are
careful).  It's also good for soldering paperclips together:-)

73 - JC,

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