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[TowerTalk] Antenna tuner recommendations

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Antenna tuner recommendations
From: (Paul D. Schrader)
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 1997 20:57:54 -0400
How can you say my tuner is ugly.  It has a beautiful big bucks reverse 
printed Lexan front panel (won't scratch), B&W counter dial, etc.
If you think this is ugly, I sure would like to know what you think is
good looking.  Also it has no problems on the high bands--it does
exactly what I say it will do.  Also your price is off.  73  Paul N4XM

At 23:04 6/8/97 +-300, morel grunberg wrote:
>If you''ll check the Product review in the march or april issue
>of QST you'll find a full answer to your question. Dissapointing
>too, if you need a real 1500W on low bands with hi-swr antennas.
>The only one complying to your power requirements is the N4XM
>tuner. It costs about $1200, it's uggly and has also some problems
>when used on high bands, but it's real heavy duty. After you"ll
>read the Product review you'll understand that, if unless you are a
>homebrewer with some real heavy duty RF components in your junk
>box ( roller inductor, HV variable capacitors and massive switches )
>you better invest more efforts into lowering your antennas SWR.
>You'll find also a Nye Viking tuner at about $700, less efficient than
>N4XM stuff.
>73 de Morel, 4X1AD
>From:  Doug Brandon[]
>Sent:  eai oauai 08 ea?e 1997 22:34
>Subject:       [TowerTalk] Antenna tuner recommendations
>I'm looking for recommendations on a legal limit antenna tuner.  So far the
>only three commercial units I can find are:
>MFJ 989C              ~$360
>Vectronics HFT1500    ~$400
>Ameritron ATR-15      ~$360
>If I'm missing any, or if you like or hate one of the above tuners, I'd
>appreciate your comments.
>   73 de Doug, N6RT
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