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FW: [TowerTalk] Soliciting Yagi comments

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Subject: FW: [TowerTalk] Soliciting Yagi comments
From: (Steve Weisbrod)
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 97 14:29:00 -0600

From:  Steve Weisbrod
Sent:  Wednesday, June 11, 1997 2:29 PM
To:  Frank T. Brady
Subject:  RE: [TowerTalk] Soliciting Yagi comments

I can tell you from my experience that the two Force12 antennas
the EF320 and the 4BA that I have perform very well and as expected. I
think Tom at Force12 knows as much about antennas as anyone.
How ever there is only so much you can do with 3 ele or with 4 ele.
No is going to break the laws of physics. With the modern modeling
programs I think much has been done to optimize these designs.
You probably can't go wrong with any modern design that has been done
with these tools.
I would compare number of elements full size or not traps or not boom
length etc. and forget about the gain claims. Thats all a bunch of
marketing hype.  I can tell you that last night my Force12 EF320 was
20db stronger in AR from MN than my Cushcraft R7000 vertical under the
same conditions.(not a calibrated S meter on the AR station) Beam
patterns on receive also seem to bear out the Force12 numbers on their
data sheet. I hope this was of some help.

73 Steve W8GAZ

From:  Frank T. Brady
Sent:  Wednesday, June 11, 1997 11:25 AM
To:  steve; ''
Subject:  [TowerTalk] Soliciting Yagi comments


In my search for an antenna for the new QTH, I've put QUADS aside while I
study what's available in the YAGI world.  From what I've heard on the   
the only manufacturers I'm considering are KLM, FORCE 12,   

My goal is to put up the best 40m + 20m yagi that my LM470 will carry
without pushing it (I don't really want to go over 15 square feet wind   
 -since that's the max for the fully extended tower).  I want whatever
compromise is necessary to be on the 40m rather than 20m performance.

Cost aside, the FORCE 12 Magnum 520/340Z or 620/340 seems to offer the   
combination of performance, weight, wind load, durability, and ease of

Unfortunately, I'm suffering from doubts that an expensive newcomer like
Force 12 can be that much better than an established outfit like Mosley -
especially since Mosely claims higher max gains.  The "net gain" method
Force 12 uses may actually be more conservative than the other   
if I understand this "74 foot high dipole reference" busines, but I'm   

If I could get as much input as I did from my solicitation for quad
comments, this decision would sure be a lot easier.

Thanks for being there!

Frank - W0ECS

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