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Subject: [TowerTalk] yagi comments
From: (Chris R. Burger)
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997 10:26:10 +200
W0ECS wrote:
> M2 recommends their biggest ($750) 20m monobander (4 elements is 
> enough, they say) and the Force 12 20m monobanders listed are 5 
> and 6 elements only ($865 and $1150 respectively).  The prices 
> seem to be comparable, but there was SHARP disagreement on whether 
> or not the Force 12 construction is as sturdy as the M2.

> I guess the only important issues are whether or not the two are comparable
> in gain and durability...
Not quite.  As an owner of both the 20M4 and the EF420, I can tell 
you there is a much more important consideration.  The 20M4 is built 
like a tank, with probably a 3" boom in the middle.  The Force 12 
stuff is built to survive by being flexible, and uses much thinner 

I doubt if there is much difference in performance between the larger 
Force 12 Yagis and the 20M4 (the EF420 has a much shorter boom, and 
doesn't play in the same league), but there is a difference in wind 
load and turning moment.  These parameters have a significant impact 
on the system cost, and the higher prices are offset to some extent 
by this difference.

I would suggest assessing the tower hardware (specifically for the 
complete stack), and then deciding based on those figures.

Personally, Force 12's novel construction finally made it feasible 
for me to get an 80 m beam--not because the beam is any cheaper (it 
isn't), but because the required tower hardware is significantly more 

Incidentally, "significantly more manageable" still doesn't 
necessarily mean it's a Sunday picnic!

Chris R. Burger

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