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Date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997 09:02:31 -0500
Joe wrote in part: 
>My question to the reflectoris: does anyone know some of these  
>manufacturers and the costs associated with this? 
Here's a few vendors to try for tower lighting: 
Hughey & Phillips 
 Tower & Obstruction Lighting Company 
 Mark Gilliam, Sales Engineer 
 Illinois (847)307-3545 
2162 Union Place 
Simi Valley, CA 93065 
POB 2167 
Simi Valley, CA 93062 
Califonrnia (805)581-5591 
CESCO (800)846-4733 
Communications Equipment & Service Corp. 
 Tower & Antenna supplies dist. 
 Jay Wm. Kent, Vice Pres. 
P.O. Box 970 
35 Grace Drive 
Powell, OH  43065 
(614)846-4733 fone 
(614)846-0864 fax 
 Merle Chrisman, sales 
 Steven M. Ryder, sales towers 
3575 25th St. SE 
Salem, OR  97302-1190 
(800)547-2151 toll free 
(503)363-9267 fone 
(503)363-4613 fax 
Andrew Corp. 
 Heliax cable & tower equipment 
And perhaps "The Towertalker" Steve,K7LXC (Tower Tech) has lighting equipment 
in his line-up?!  If so he's probably already e-mailed you the information you 
Now I'm wondering if those neighbors of yours who won't mind a 120 ft. tower 
next door will perhaps object to a 120 ft tower with blinking red and white 
strobe lights on it???  If so, tell them to move next door to my hamshack!  No 
lighting needed here!  ;^D 
de ed -- K-zero-IL 

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