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[TowerTalk] Soliciting Yagi comments

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Soliciting Yagi comments
From: (Steve Zettel)
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997 10:25:35 -0700
LB wrote (in part):

>Here is an idea for an enterpriser--or a coop of those interested enough
>to guarantee the costs:  why not an independent "lab" to model and/or test
>all antennas on a consistent modeling and/or test system?

>Moreover, when you get to the test range side of the question,
>setting up a suitable test range that maximizes accuracy and consistency
>is an expensive proposition and subject to many investigations of
>measurement methods. In the end, one has a "Consumer's Union" for such

>This is not a new idea.  But with more and more interest by more and more
>serious antenna users in the very fine points of antenna design, it would
>be interesting to see what a proper "independent lab" might consist of.
>If set up to handle antennas physically, it might support itself by
>renting itself out on contest weekends (depending on the desirability of
>the site) to groups who always wanted to try contesting with the best but
>without the space, etc., to have the best at home.
>More seriously, I do wonder what folks would want such a "lab" to do and
>have, and what they think it should/could produce.  I'll be happy to
>receive direct mail from anyone with ideas, and summarize the
>results--remembering that this is only an intellectual exercise.

I volunteer my QTH and station to serve as test lab for evaluating yagis
(and towers, and accessories, etc).

You all just send me a sampling of the antennas and rotators and what-not
you want tested and compared, and I'll run them through the wringer for a
couple of years and then publish my findings. . . .

I know, it's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it!


Steve Zettel  KJ7CH
Libby, MT  USA

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