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[TowerTalk] FAA and Private Airports

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Subject: [TowerTalk] FAA and Private Airports
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Date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997 14:54:35 -0400
I noticed that WL7E mentioned that the FAA has required marking of a
tower that is less than 200 feet and only close to a PRIVATE airport. 

My experience has been that the FAA does not give any protection to
PRIVATE airports, only pulic use air facilities (including heliports).

The state department of transportation does try to get tower owners to
mark towers that are close to private airports, but they can only
suggest marking, as only the FAA has the regs to tell tower owners
what to do. 

I am interested to learn if anyone else has been required to mark or
light towers (Upon filing of a FAA 7460) by the FAA for Private

Remember if you are close to a public use airport you are required to
file a 7460-1 with the FAA and a 854 with the FCC.

Close normally means less than 4 miles from the nearest point of the
runway, but there are exceptions. If you want to learn the whole
story, obtain FCC Rules Part 17. It is not very long and it contains
all of the information you need. 

I once applied for a 190 foot tower some 6 miles from the airport and
the FAA said it could be no higher than 12 feet above ground! The
proposed tower was in a instrument approach. 

As filing the FCC and FAA forms are free, I suggest anyone who is
building a tower submit them. They are easy to do and will give you
the assurance that your tower is not a hazard to air traffic.

Maybe TOWER TECH will provide Part 17? It could also be available on
the WEB.

73! and Be Safe!

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