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[TowerTalk] Light up those towers.

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Light up those towers.
From: kn6di@IDT.NET (Daniel H. Arney Jr.)
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997 23:50:39 -0700
John Brosnahan wrote:
> At 01:04 AM 6/13/97 +0100, you wrote:
> >>Edward W. Sleight wrote:
> >>>
> >> Guys, let me add my 2 cents worth here. The FAA requires that ALL
> >>towers above a certain height be both painted, and have suitable
> >> obstruction lighting.
> >___________________________________________________________________
> I spent a few YEARS negotiating with the FAA on my towers
> and they said something to the effect that the actual height
> for which lighting is required is a variable.  If someone wanted
> to put up a 300ft tower in the middle of the desert, they would
> review the application and might not require lighting.
> The "certain height" you mentioned is a variable that is site
> dependent.
> I have a lot of horror stories about why it took years to get my
> issues settled (in my favor) but I would recommend staying away
> from the FAA if at all possible.
> 73  John  W0UN
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I second that as most of the current FAA Inspectors are retired military
Majors that got ROPERED out of the service as Lt.Col for pay but due to
not being !!!!!!!!????? did not make Lt.Col. on active duty, so they
retire them always with some kind of service connected disability for 5 
or more points so they get all of the points plus 5 or so and they get
on with the FAA. They then put on the suit and tie and go in to work
every moring and say good morning COL. They thrust os this is if you run
anything in front of  them that is out of the normal day to day events,
then expect 2 to 6 months delay as they have no intention of taking a
chance of not getting the Civil Service age 65 retirement. Like the
gonads got lost.
I delt with the FAA for over thirty years in airline management
positions and as a pilot know of wht I speak. UNLESS YOU HAVE A LOT OF
Hank KN6DI

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