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Subject: [TowerTalk] Gin pole rope
From: (Jerry K. Liley)
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 1997 16:02:30 -0500
                                                     GIN POLE ROPE

You can decide which material you want the rope made of.    Price is a
factor here.   Try to get the largest diameter that your gin pole pulley
will handle.   Larger is easier to hold and is stronger.

The more important factor to consider than material is the type of weave
used to make the rope.      A  twisted segment rope suspended from 70' or
more and holding 100 lbs or more will unwind and create a big mess.    I
have found that  5/8" nylon braid works best for me.   My beams weigh up
to 300 lbs and it tends to hang straight and the extra diameter makes it
easier to hold.   The hemp is much easier to hold but that is the only
benefit I found.  For several years I used 3/4" hemp and it was very good
except for the twisting under load and the moisture concern.     Many
projects are not completed in one day and taking the rope down at night 
and back up the next day is a pain.   If you don't and it gets wet,  you
have a problem.

Whatever you decide on.   Be sure to get more than you think you need.  
If , for example, you are buying for a 70' tower you need a    < LOT>  
more than  140'.

Good DX,     73,   Jerry    K0GUG

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