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[TowerTalk] FAA and Private Airports

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Subject: [TowerTalk] FAA and Private Airports
From: (Bob Wruble)
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 1997 17:42:02 -0700
i never had to light or mark a twr but have been in two
situations where the FAA adived me to file their forms and get 
their was fer a small dirt strip private airport
in somewhat remote central oregon!!    73    w7gg

> From: Bill Standerfer <>
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> Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] FAA and Private Airports
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> Date: Thursday, June 12, 1997 1:26 PM
> k3lr <> wrote:
> > I noticed that WL7E mentioned that the FAA has required marking of a
> > tower that is less than 200 feet and only close to a PRIVATE airport. 
> > 
> > My experience has been that the FAA does not give any protection to
> > PRIVATE airports, only pulic use air facilities (including heliports).
> > [...]
> > I am interested to learn if anyone else has been required to mark or
> > light towers (Upon filing of a FAA 7460) by the FAA for Private
> > airports.
> >[...]
> I once lived on a private airport (Van Aire, Brighton, CO) and had a 
> modest 50' tower up about 300' from the runway.  I filed the form and 
> got it back a few weeks later with no action required.  Just before 
> we moved in, someone else left who had 60' or so up about 100' from the 
> runway, so I assume he had no action required by the Feds either.
> The FAA is really only interested in obstructions that might conflict 
> with instrument approaches to a runway.  If you're more than five 
> miles away from any airport, I think they'd have a hard time 
> justifying any restriction to even a 200' tower.  There's a thick 
> book that describes how obstacles affect approaches to an airport and 
> there are lots of dependences, so trying to guess at what the FAA may 
> say in a given situation is pure speculation.
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> Fort Collins, Colorado
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