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Subject: [TowerTalk] LM470 tower
From: (Frank T. Brady)
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 1997 08:47:04 -0700

 Thanks for the comments.

 Regarding the dead load comparison, it would be nice if the Texas Tower
site listed the max dead load weight for the HDX572MDPL, but they don't.
K5GW of Texas Towers dropped me a line also, but before he saw my 2nd note
on the topic.  I'm hoping he will give the dead load firgures.

 The tower adjustment issue IS important to me - I was hoping to get some
more input to help evaluate the likelihood that adjustments may be required
after a proper installation.

 I wonder if anyone has ever tried to chat about enhancing the LM470 mount
to use the adjustable?

Best regards and 73s,
 Frank - W0ECS
>Frank - 
>Be careful - The folks at TRI-EX only rate the tower for a "dead load"
>of 250 pounds!! That's the total weight you can place on the tower. I
>forget what the HDX572 is rated at, but that was the deciding factor for
>me when I bought the HDX572MDPL. I mean, when you consider the weight of
>the mast, antennas, coax and rotor, 250 lbs is just not realistic in
>most cases.
>Also, if you have the slightest amount of settling after you install the
>base, you're pretty much stuck with a leaning tower. Also, the TRI-EX is
>not nearly as heavily constructed as the US Tower; look at them very
>closely before making your purchase. If you shop carefully you can get
>the HDX572MDPL for a little over $5k.
>73 de Jeff K2KV
>>  The HDX572MDPL handles the same wind load as the LM470 (30 sq ft at 50mph),
>> but it costs a whopping $6779!  The $2100 difference is more than enough to
>> buy the remainder of my antenna system.
>>  I'm glad I investigated - now I'm more comfortable with my Tri-Ex choice
>> (unless someone can point out an error in my comparison).
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