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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: extending tower masts
From: (Frank T. Brady)
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 1997 15:29:42 -0700
Bruce at US Towers called and verified the load and weight limits I had
previously posted.  His company does not give any information on what to
expect when varying from their published specifications.  The only way to
know what you have when you extend a mast more than one foot above the tower
top is to pay them to 'engineer' each specific case - giving them the EXACT
mast and antenna information.

Again, the 200# wt limit and 22.8 sq feet is quoted for the HDX572 fully
extended with a ONE FOOT maximum extension of their 5 foot mast at wind
velocity of 70mph.

Any variation is a 'pay your money and take your chances' scenario.  I
suspect that most hams who are stacking antennas on these chrome-molly masts
know that they do NOT know the new weight and wind load characteristics.
They just make sure they get it down when the wind comes up.

 Frank - W0ECS

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