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Subject: [TowerTalk] Trylon - Titan towers
From: (Doug Joyce)
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 15:11:51 -0700
In response to the various comments re the Trylon towers let me
contribute the following:

I've been installing and working on Trylon Titan (ex ABC series) free
standing towers since the early 80's on a part time basis and have had a
dealership for most of that time. As part of Trylon's service to their
dealers they have made available a tower analysis program "tritest" (a
DOS program) that allows you to enter point loads at various heights and
define the weight, wind speed, wind surface area, (round/square) etc and
the program will calculate the safety factor for the towere under those
load conditions. (I spoke to Jon Martin this morning & he confirmed that
the program was still available.  I suggested that they consider putting
it up on their web site.  

As discussed on their web site, the Titan series is a 96 foor tapered
free standing tower (8 foot sections).  You pick from this 96 ft the
length and strength desired.  The tower models are rated by the size of
the top section eg. a T200 (the lightest, max height 96 ft) has a 9"
face width at the top up to the T800 (the heaviest, max height 48 ft)
has a 27" face width at the top.  The bottom face width is a function of
total height.  The towers are rated at 70, 85 & 100 mph.  The
installation drawings provide info re the necessary base size, rebar

re long beem, large antennas - a friend of mine has a contest station
near Niagara with five Titan towers (72 to 88 ft) with various monoband
beams - 5 el on 15, 40 ft boom; 4 el on 17 similar boom; 4 el on 30, 36
ft boom and we haven't noticed any problems due to torque load.  (the
10m and 15m towers also have a socond antenna fixed on Europe at approx
45-50 ft.

hope this helps     Doug Joyce, VE3MV

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