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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: Tryon Titans
From: (Steve Weisbrod)
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 97 14:23:00 -0600
Hi Sandy

Bill's email address is GWWK94A@PRODIGY.COM.  I'm sure he would be glad   
to answer any questions you have about the tower. I know he has a Force12   
4BA about 10 feet above a Force12  6 ele 20m beam with the 40m addon. I   
think the mast was a 18' chrome moly and weighed about 150lbs. He is also   
using a Yaesu rotor and the tower is 70' high.

73 Steve W8GAZ

From:  Greville Balzarini
Sent:  Wednesday, June 18, 1997 2:36 PM
To:  Steve Weisbrod
Subject:  RE: [TowerTalk] Re: Tryon Titans

Hello Steve,

I just read your message to Frank.
I was wondering what model your friend but up, what antennas he has on   
top and what the wind load is ?

I am very much interested in this tower arrangement.  I think the T600   
do for me but I am still working on it.

Thanks for any additional information you can give me.

Thanks, 73
sandy, n1mau

At 01:28 PM 6/18/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Hi Frank
>A friend of mine Bill Ham (yes that is correct) K0KO has one of these
>towers. They are really built. He has two large Force12's on it no   
> I would not worry about torque.   I helped him put it up last year. I   

>worked ground crew , no climbing for me thats why I got the GM Hazer.   
>if I was going to climb this is the tower I would get. It's a brute and   
>think you'll like it.
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