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[TowerTalk] Rohn tower intermix

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Rohn tower intermix
From: (Rick Dougherty NQ4I)
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 1997 12:52:30 -0400
Hi all...much has been said about rohn 20 tower in the past months, and I
want to relate firsthand an instance that happened about two weekends ago
involving a ham who makes posts here on this reflector concerning rohn
towers, their installations, and how he does it by the book...
I was called to remove a 160 foot rohn tower located north and west of
Atlanta, for removing the tower, I was to receive the hardware and half of
the sections...a fair deal in my estimation, since the others would serve
as ground crew, and I would dis-assemble the tower...

When I got to the site, I was immediately concerned by my initial
inspection, as all the guy wires were incredibly loose....also noticed some
rust on some sections that were 60-90 feet up the tower....boy was I in for
a surprise.........

After tensioning the guy wires until I felt they were safe, I climbed the
tower to further inspect it for safe removal....seems that the tower was
origionally 60 feet high, all rohn 25...the owner need some additional
height so he had this previously mentioned tower expert add 3 sections of
rohn 20....then a few years later hed needed some additional height , and
this same individual added 7 more sticks of rohn 25 on top of
this....making it 160 feet in height...

I did the only thing that was feasabile, practicle, and safe.....I cut the
guys and let the peice of junk fall to the ground....I don't need sections
of rohn 20 or 25 that bad to jeopardize my life and limb....yet there are
out in tower land individuals who will do almost anything for

de Rick NQ4I

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