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[TowerTalk] TVI problems

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Subject: [TowerTalk] TVI problems
From: (Roger L. Elowitz)
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 1997 10:24:11 -0400
Hi Scott,

Read your post with great interest.  The filters you site seem to be on the
"pricey" side but... if they cure the problem after everything else
fails.... what the hell.  The peace of mind may well be worth it!  Anyway,
it's nice to know there is SOMETHING that works.  GREAT!

But, by all means, please accept the counsel NOT to buy the filters for your
neighbors.  THEIR equipment is poorly designed and that is not YOUR
responsibility to fix.  You surely can show them what works (without
touching any of their equipment- unless you wish to take on the burden for
any new liability you may suffer as a result of having "touched" their
stuff) and have them either go out of pocket for the filters or petition the
product's manufacturers. Otherwise, you'll be shelling out for filters for
the whole neighborhood... and you shouldn't have to do that for equipment
that was poorly designed to begin with.

As for....... "No moles, no bees, no cling free, my antennas don't shine,
and I still don't
know where true north is. <G>" .... may I add... "Please put your hands on
the radio and say "Amen"."


Roger, K2JAS


At 09:42 AM 6/20/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Hello Fellow Towertalkians,
>Here is a good expereince that I had last week with a subject that many
>people are experiencing like me- TVI.
>Since getting active again from this qth, I suddenly found a TVI problem
>with my two neighbors on each side of me. One had bad interference on his
>telephones-both fixed and cordless.  The other had bad herringbone/voice
>interference in his tv set.
>I had been running a Bencher low pass filter on my station, and when I got
>the first TVI complaints. it was during the Mass QSO party contest (running
>stations). I had also been experiencing BAD TVI on one of my own sets in my
>house. Tried the usual avenue of putting Radio Shack high-pass filters and
>grounding the hell out of the sets, that was a total waste of time, tried
>chokes on lines, still no success. The interference was getting into my tv
>through the cable lead, and also through the power line (all close proximity
>to my tribander)
>I called KCOM for some telephone filters for one neighbor, installed them,
>and voila-that problem solved. Simple plug-in installation.
>I then called ICE for their common mode high-pass filters. I had seen them
>referred to on the FCC home page.  While talking to them, I found out that
>they make a low pass filter with a cutoff frequency around 35 mhz, by the
>time you get to 50 mhz, the attenuation is >100 db. This is versus other
>manufacturers that only offer approximately 80 db attenuation.  I bought two
>high pass filters and a new low pass filter. These suckers REALLY work!
>Simple installation, plug in and ground (I used the AC ground off the
>closest outlet) Did the same for the neighbor, and NO discernable TVI on
>either tv!! I also got a common mode AC interference filter for my tv set
>(#15-1111) from Radio Shack and installed it on my tv set. NOTHING at all
>even under full power with the amp! My wife doesn't bang on the floor or
>yell and scream anymore when I work DX !
>The ICE/KCOM companies really have a good product!
>ICE part #'s 430b-high pass filter ($52.00), #421 low pass filter ($54.00)
>If you have TVI problems, RUN, don't walk to the nearest telephone and call
>these people. I don't have KCOM's tel # handy, but ICE is at 800-423-2666.
>You'll be glad you did!
>73, Scott
>No moles, no bees, no cling free, my antennas don't shine, and I still don't
>know where true north is. <G>
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