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[TowerTalk] TVI problems

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Subject: [TowerTalk] TVI problems
From: (Roger L. Elowitz)
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 1997 22:36:52 -0400
Hi again Steve... and all you shiny antenna and tower lovers,

I think we can all applaud your success at solving your TVI problems and
your great relations with your neighbors.  Unfortunately, I haven't got mine
licked yet. Yes!  You're right... those extra bucks you spent for peace and
tranquillity may well be the cheapest dollars in the long run. 

But, buy and large, I think it's better if your neighbors know that by your
working on their equipment ( in order to be helpful and caring and friendly)
that you're taking a big chance.  Then, if nothing goes wrong.... you're far
ahead of the game.

By way of illustration... I once had a dear friend bring over his portable
vcr to show me something he had taped.  ( It was before I owned my own
vcr....Yes! A long time ago indeed).  He simply connected his vcr's rf
output to my tv's  antenna terminals.  Within five minutes of watching his
tape my set went completely DEAD except for the audio. The look of pure
guilt on my friend's face was priceless.  A week later I discovered the high
voltage had shorted out and blew the HV fuse.

Now any self-respecting ham should know (I hope) there is absolutely nothing
you can do to the antenna terminals on the tv that would blow the HV fuse.
(Oh!  I know you can hit them with a sledge hammer trick).  But if this had
been someone else who was paying $75 to have a serviceman replace the
fuse... who do you think they'll be looking for to foot the bill? And of
course it's not just a fuse that can go wrong.  If the picture tube decides
it's had enough of this world and takes the filter installation time to head
for the PTGY....(Picture Tube Grave Yard).... it's gonna look mighty bad for ya!

My thinking is that you should show your neighbor how to attach the filters,
let him practice on your sets as you watch ( if you're brave) .... but let
him do his own... as you watch.... your hands firmly planted in your back

While my recommendations are clearly on the super-cautious side... now at
least you know what you might be letting yourself in for. In fact... you can
tell your neighbor the true story above and see what overtures he's willing
to make.

And of course... lots depends on those neighborly relations.  Keeping the
good ones going is becoming a lost art form.  My hat's off to you for trying
and for caring and for being so brave.  And of course.... for succeeding!

73, Roger, K2JAS

At 04:44 PM 6/20/97 +0000, you wrote:
>No risk no reward!   My neighbors would have never solved their problem   
>without my help. I told them I might break their equipment in the   
>process. They said go ahead. If they want to sue me fine I'm ready. But   
>in the mean time I'm back on the air and my neighbors are happy. I think   
>it depends on the relationship you have with your neighbors. Its better   
>toi have a good one than a bad one. The guy behind me says he now gets 18   
>channels on his kitchen TV instead of 3 since I put up the tower. Go   
>73 Steve W8GAZ
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